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Howl Goods / Mud Lake Studios
50 SE Scott St #5, Bend, OR 97702

Workshop / Storefront

Howl Goods Shop

Howl Goods Shop Pottery 

Located in the former machine shop of the historic Bend Ironworks, the thud-thud-thud of a sewing machine accompanied by the heavy stamping of leather, the clink of a hammer against hardware, and the smell of oils, dyes, bones, fur, and hides hearken to the old days of calloused, hard-working hands.


 old iron works


Along with her own Howl Goods line, Alicia Renner's storefront and workshop stocks a wide range of goods from small designers and makers in Central Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest. The shop also sells traditional goods from the indigenous peoples of her native Canada, in order to bring together a collection focused on craftsmanship found throughout North America.


 Howl Goods Studio


 Come by and have a look. I'd love to meet you.