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Alicia in the studio
Alicia Renner
designer + maker

"Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario has had a huge influence on me. My backyard was hundreds of acres of boreal forest where my family and I would hunt, fish, camp, and ride. I learned pretty quickly that there was a good reason to be outside every season.”


Howl Goods is a maker and purveyor of quality apparel and soft goods made with natural, durable materials to be intentionally you.


Founder and designer Alicia Renner carefully sources only sustainably produced textiles including wool and organic hemp, ethically harvested hides and furs including from her grandfather in North Dakota, and responsibly manufactured hardware including solid brass fasteners and mother-of-pearl and buffalo horn buttons.


Alicia works with other makers, manufacturers, and companies who hold the same values of integrity and concern for everything that goes into and comes out of creating something made to last generations.