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  Alicia Renner           
 designer + maker        

Howl Attire is a clothing and leather goods company creating long lasting wares from natural and local materials. 


Howl Attire is made to last generations. If there’s two things Alicia learned from her family it's the importance of hard work, and doing it right the first time, because things should be made to last. Much like the overalls and shotgun passed to Alicia by her dad, Howl Attire products are intended to stay in the family for years.


Renner Family Photos


"Growing up the Canadian wilderness was a huge influence to me. My back yard was 100 acres or boreal forest, full of creeks, ponds, hills, ravines, and trees. My family is full of great outdoors people, always hunting, fishing, camping, and adventuring, they have always inspired me to get out in the wilderness. I spent everyday exploring, no matter the season."