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Alicia Renner
designer + maker

Howl Goods is a maker and purveyor of quality apparel and soft goods made with natural, durable materials to be intentionally you.

I carefully source only sustainably produced textiles including wool, hemp, and linen, with special focus on textiles that consume less water to produce (hemp and linen being the lowest), and land regenerative properties (wool & leather, if done right). Even the hardware and buttons I choose are solid brass, horn, or shell to create naturally beautiful garment that will last.

My goal is to create a product that is natural and durable during it's life as a garment, and can return to the earth when the time comes.

Alicia Renner Howl Goods Sewing

 Before starting Howl I spent 7 years planting trees for big oil and logging companies, this has manifested into a drive to be conscious about petroleum and water consumption. To make garments that consume less water and oil is the intention I put in to everything I make. I think the more we choose natural products, the more the industry will shift. Small designers set the trends and big businesses will follow.

Alicia works with other makers, manufacturers, and companies who hold the 
same values of integrity and concern for everything that goes into and comes out of creating something made to last generations.